Hutovo blato



Hutovo Blato is a natural reservation of about 7,000 acres. Depression Hutovo blato was a result of lowering of the land. According to some researchers (K.Patsch), the first record of Hutovo Blato date from the 4th century a.d. Hutovo Blato is surrounded by mountains up to 500 meters above sea level from the east, north and south, and is open to Čapljina in the west. It is a swamp created by the underground aquifer system of the River Krupa. It supplies itself from the limestone massif Ostrvo, which divides Deransko and Svitavsko Lake. Six out of seven lakes in this place belong to Deransko Blato. These lakes are cryptodepression . Their altitude is from one to three meters, and the bottom lowers below sea level.

The highest hill in Hutovo Blato is Karaotok, located 7 km from Čapljina. The Mediterranean climate prevails in this region. Hutovo Blato is rich in fish, especially in carp and eel. Fifty bird species, such as the geese, coots and mallards spend the winter in the Hutovo Blato. Hardly any place in the world has such a large number of various types of birds in such a small area. Hutovo Blato was declared a natural park in 1995 thanks to its great importance and beauty.

The offer includes a safari, where you can learn about all the diversity of flora and fauna of the Hutovo Blato Park.