Kravice Waterfalls are one of the largest and perhaps the most impressive waterfalls in Herzegovina. Semicircular in shape and width of about 120 m, its height reaches 30 m. This natural phenomenon or our little Niagara is visited by the tourists from all over the world. And why wouldn't tourists come and see how water made natural pool by its power which has become a popular swimming and picnic place. It is best to visit in the spring when the highest level of the waterfall and the surrounding nature boasts its greenery . Thus, the blue-green waters of the lake blended in greenery makes a unique environment made up of water, rocks and trees. However, it is also wonderful in other times of the year , since its falls offer different experiences thanks to the water levels of the river Trebižat . Those who want to enjoy the beauty have lot to enjoy in. Those who are a bit less interested in natural beauty can relax in cafes located fifteen minute drive from the waterfalls. Mostar is about half an hour away.

The fact that there is an initiative to declare the river flow that connects three municipalities (Grude, Ljubuški, Čapljina) and two counties a nature park, explains how important this river is. Since this river supplies citizens with drinking water, its protection is also very important.

The offer includes a safari and canoe ride along the riverbed downstream of Trebižat waterfalls.

The jewel of our region is worth visiting, by all means.