In Surmanci, a small village near Medjugorje, is a church of the Merciful Jesus with the icon of the Merciful Jesus.
Otherwise, the construction of this church prayers and materially helped one prayer group from Trento (Italy), which was donated to the parish of monumental image of the Merciful Jesus endowed with meaning: a miracle healings that happened through this picture was one of the proofs for the beatification of St. Faustina Kowalska and recognition of devotion to the Merciful Jesus and proclaim the feast of Mercy on the first Sunday after Easter. This picture is located above the altar in the church in Surmanci which is precisely why dedicated Merciful Jesus.
Since the emperor Claudius Merciful Jesus in Surmanci, there are numerous pilgrimage believers. They go in groups organized to make the icon of Merciful Jesus prayed the rosary in honor of Divine Mercy and recommend the Merciful Jesus.