In the centre of Herzegovina, on the way from Sarajevo towards The Adriatic Sea, Mostar has always been a meeting point for different cultures, which left behind a great number of beautiful monuments spread around the city. Mostar is the economic, political and cultural centre of Herzegovina. From the aspect of city population, it is the fifth largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city is shaped after its traditional neighbourhoods and more modern, urban group of buildings.

Mostar has a Mediterranean climate with mild, but windy and rainy winters. Here, snow is a very rare sight. The summers are extremely warm with a temperature up to 45°C during the day, while the nights have a tropical temperature around 25°C. According the statistics, Mostar is the warmest city in the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. The river Neretva is flouting through Mostar, and the whole rapid development of the city is linked to it.

The territory of Mostar was inhabited already in pre-historical time, and several ruins have been found from Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages. Some of them are caves, tombs, weapon and pre-Roman money. In addition to growing cattle and agriculture, trade between the different regions started to increase in the Iron Age. The most important find from the Roman Period is the Basilica in Cim. Mostar experienced its high point during the periods of Ottoman rule and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Even though the recent war has left tremendous consequences in this area, the recovery of the city is noticeable the last ten years and the city offers once again a new, and even more beautiful perspective.

Mostar is the city of the youth, and with its two universities it displays itself as a significant centre of education in South-Eastern Europe. When it comes to culture and sport, Mostar has produces several well-known names in these categories. Mostar has such a location that it is accessible from all parts of the country, it serves as a kind of a crossroad. Also, there is a railway passing through the city, while in the southern part there is an airport available.

On UNESCO's list of protected cultural monuments Old Bridge with old town is inscribed 2005th year. Mostar is the first city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is on this list.